One UI 6 Get a New Tool to Improve WiFi Connectivity [Labs]

One UI 6 is the latest major update for Samsung devices and is based on Android 14. For testing purposes, the company has already rolled out beta updates for several Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy S23Galaxy S22Galaxy S21, and many more. With the new update, the company has brought many new features for the devices, but in this article, we will talk about some hidden features of WiFi that will be helpful for you.

Users can smartly set up home WiFi and check different stats

Samsung has packed some hidden features for the WiFi under intelligent WiFi settings. There are multiple options available that can be used to set up the home WiFi setup smartly. Home WiFi inspection: if you tap this option, it will give you advice on how to set up a strong range of networks. Inside it, you will also find a feature to check the weak signal areas in your home.

Apart from these options, you will find different stats about the WiFi, such as WiFi usage, which will show you data about the WiFi connection in an eye-catching, intuitive graphic interface. Here, you will get information about the daily and weekly usage of WiFi in two ways: one is the time your phone has been connected to the network, and the other is how much it has used the data.

Samsung One UI Home Launcher Preparing for One UI 6 Update

It will also show you information about how much time you spent connected to a particular band, as well as the Wi-Fi generation technology your phone used to connect to the network. Immediately under this interface, there is network information available where you will learn about networks that are not yet used and a separate list of unsecured wifi lists.

Where can I get these features, and which devices support them?

These new Wi-Fi hidden features are coming with One UI 6 so all the devices that are eligible to get the new update will get these features. Users who have participated and installed the One UI 6 beta update on their devices can access all these features. However, accessing them is a little tricky, but you can easily find them by following the below steps:

  1. Open the system settings.
  2. Go to connection and click on WiFi.
  3. Here, tap on the three dots and select intelligent WiFi.
  4. Now scroll down to the intelligent WiFi version indicator and tap it several times.
  5. It will activate a new menu called Connectivity Labs, and now you can access all the features mentioned above after clicking Connectivity Labs.

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