Samsung One UI Home Launcher Preparing for One UI 6 Update

Whenever you run anything on a smartphone or other screen-functional device, initially you see an interface that provides you all the options to navigate any particular feature; this interface is called the home screen. As Google provides open-source Android, every brand offers different functions to make it more interactive for its users. Samsung also has its own home screen for its smartphones and tablets, named One UI Home. The company has now released a new update for it.

However, the company is preparing for the latest One UI 6.0 skin and has already released five test builds for the Galaxy S23 series. And we expect Samsung to officially release the SK in SDC 20223, which is held on October 5th. 

Samsung One UI Home Launcher update

Samsung has rolled out a new update for One UI Home, which comes with version number With the new update, Samsung hasn’t attached any new changelog, and this is not the first time. In the last few updates, the company has followed the same trend of not giving proper information about the update. The reason behind this may be that it doesn’t have any significant features.

But with a significant file size of 21.49 MB, it looks like it will enhance the overall performance of the application, so if you are facing any issues running any feature of the home screen, then you should update the app to the latest version, which may include fixes related to the particular issue. Apart from this, the application may also get more compatibility for the One UI 6 features.

Here you can get the latest One UI Home Launcher

The One UI Home adds a lot of usability features to Samsung devices, such as the ability to use full-screen gestures on the home screen and the ability to lock the home screen layout after rearrangement of app icons (preventing accidental addition of pages and accidental reposting or removal of app icons). When you touch and hold any app icon or widget, you will get multiple options, like app info and widget settings, without going through multiple menus.

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