Google Maps Gets New Interface on Android Auto, Becomes Smarter

Android Auto is not a normal utility software for cars, but it is equipped with entertainment and productive functions that bring a bunch of identical features that you see on your smartphones. Android Auto is specially designed to give convenience to the drivers and also provides some effective features that make them drive safely.

However, being one of the unique products of Google, it has received some extra care from the company. The big G brings two or three new updates for Android Auto almost every single week. With the new updates, the company aims to improve the functionality and also introduce some new features.

Google Maps interface improves on Android Auto

Google Maps is one of the main apps in Android Auto because it provides an important service of navigation. To bring more convenience to users, Google has already rolled out many updates for Google Maps. In these updates, the company has introduced several new enhancements, like the sidebars, where you get different controls, including Zoom, map orientation, adjusting direction, and settings access. Now, with the fresh update, these controls are getting a transparent bar, which will improve the appearance of the map on the display.

Android Auto 10.5 stable update available for everyone: download now

Google Maps on Android Auto also grabbed some more improvements for the application, making it work more smoothly. However, to keep the internal functions of Android Auto working, you should always update it to the latest version whenever available.

These latest changes come through new updates for Google Maps. It currently appears in several places; however, it is not confirmed how much it is expanded, but soon it will be available to more Android Auto users. If you haven’t updated Google Maps for some time, you may get the new update, and it is advised to update it to the latest version available on your device. Along with this, you should also install the new Android Auto version, i.e., v10.5.

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