Google Play Store’s new feature: Remotely uninstall apps on connected devices

Google has recently released a new update for the Google Play Store with version number 38.7. With the latest update, the company has added a new utility option to the application. With this option, users can now easily uninstall the application on the connected device from a distance.

However, to use this functionality of the application, you have to wait for some time because Google hasn’t expanded it to all over the world, but according to a popular tipstar Assemble debug, he has successfully used the function after making changes in the flags of the latest Play Store version 38.8.

According to the information available by Tipster, if you follow the given steps, you can easily uninstall the application from the connected devices. First,  you have to go on the Play Store, then open the Manage apps and devices tab. Here,  scroll to the Manage section, then tap the current device name to view a list of all connected devices. Now you have to choose the device from which you want to uninstall the applications. Now select the desired application and tap the Delete icon in the top right corner to uninstall the selected apps.

To make it more convenient, the company has also provided a sort filter, so you can easily choose the apps according to their names or their sizes. But in the investigation, there was one bug spotted that didn’t make the full list of the applications that are installed on the particular devices available.