Google’s Stock Application Gets a Boost Before packing up this month

Google has actively rolled out new updates for its stock applications, including the Google Play Store and Play Services. With all the new updates, the company has added some new features and improvements for the users, and it’s not stopped with them now that Big G has started rolling out the update with some new features and changes.

If we talk in detail, in the earlier update, the company brought several new changes under system management and developer services and also introduced some new features to the Google Play Store, which brought multiple changes, like a new feature that helped you uninstall apps on connected devices and a prompt to remind you to enable notifications when registering for an app. Moving forward, it has also introduced some more improvements under system management as well as pushed a notification to enable backup on wearable devices.

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Now, with the latest update, it has started rolling out some new features for stock applications. More specifically, in the Google Play Store, it has introduced the ability to see play points and weekly rewards on the Play Store homepages. Additionally, it has also introduced some new changes under system management that will improve device connectivity, network usage, security, stability, and updatability.

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So if you want to take advantage of new features, then you have to update the Google Play Store to the latest version 38.6. Most of the time, it automatically updates to the latest version when it is available for the device, but for some reason, if it doesn’t get updated, you can check the update by following these steps: Just go to the settings inside the application and tap on About.

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