Google Cast Control Notifications Now Part of Android Media Player

particularly for services targeted at Android-powered devices. Google pays close attention to the software component of the services it provides. Previously known as Chromecast, Google Cast is one of the most established ones. Connecting the gadgets that you already own to your TV or audio devices allows Google Cast to provide a multi-screen and multi-audio experience.

For a long time, Google has provided media casting services. With its current integration with Chrome, Google Cast enables you to stream media from your smartphone to any device that is compatible. After a few hours, a new visual feature for all Android users of Google Chrome has emerged.

This includes notifications displaying the multimedia controls. Actually, Google Cast notifies Android each time you use it, allowing you to access the multimedia controls of the streaming video. Prior to recently, the universal multimedia player that has made an appearance on current Android versions has been suggested to ask the control panel for the convention notification.

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However, this is starting to change. In line with other streaming services, like Spotify, for instance, Google Cast will now enable you to manage multimedia playback through the Android player.

Regarding a service that is undoubtedly one of the most popular for users to access multimedia content, it is believed that this innovation will be a great step towards standardization on Android.

Version 23.44.14 of Google Play services will be used to distribute the innovation, which should be compatible with all devices running with software of at least Android 11. For optimal performance, ensure that the wireless network name (SSID) connected to your Android device and the Chromecast or TV built-in with Chromecast are the same.

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Thanks to “9to5Google