Google Play system updates for the fifth time this month with new features

Google has recently introduced its major software update for the Android device in the form of Android 14, which has brought a plethora of features and improvements for the devices. Along with this, the company is also running the Android 14 QPR beta program, which is dedicated to Pixel devices exclusively. Apart from these companies have also constantly worked towards the enhancements under the Android devices with its Google play system updates.

New features and improvements come under the Play Store and Play Services

Informatively, with every new Google Play system update, the company aims to introduce new features and improvements for Android users; this all comes under the Google Play store and Google Play services. With the latest updates, the company has made some new changes to these system-level applications.

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In the Google Play Store, it has introduced a new recommendation change when you install an app. In simple words, when you install any app from the Google Play Store, it will start to show you recommendations based on the app installed in new locations. Additionally, to make the editorial pages more interactive, it has added some new buttons.

While we talk about the Google Play services, it has added some new features under system management. In the happiness tracking surveys feature, you will now get a scale to gauge your satisfaction with the Google feature on your phone, and it has also fixed some known bugs that are found in speech language.

To get all the new features, you just have to check whether the Google stock apps have the latest versions, such as Google Play Services v23.46 and Google Play Store v38.5. If you find a different version number, then you can now update them. To install the latest update of Google Play services, just tap on the link. Meanwhile, to update the Play Store, just go to the settings inside the application and tap on About. Here, you will see the Update Play Store button highlighted in blue. Just tap on it.

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