Google Maps Updates Android Auto with More Vibrant Colors

Android Auto is the best Google service that helps users take full advantage of their car display. It is an infotainment system that provides all the essential applications of Android on your car screen, so drivers can easily access them without losing any focus. From the variety of applications, Google Maps It is the most commonly used car navigation app that provides information about places.

To bring more convenience to its users, Google always tries to bring some new changes for Android Auto, which is not limited to the full software update but also brings new updates to the applications so users can take more advantage of the particular applications. Like now, Google Maps has started getting new updates that will enhance the colors.

According to the company, with the new color scheme, it aims to reflect the real world even more accurately. The same thing is first applied to the mobile version with several new features; however, after the installation, users have to face several issues and report them. To sum up, the company responded that these new changes are part of providing a better experience to the users.

The latest changes are coming from the Google side directly; most probably, you don’t need to update the application or Android Auto to grab the new color change, but if you haven’t updated the application for a long time, then you should update it to the latest version to see more improvements.

Earlier, Google brought a bunch of new changes for the mobile version of Google Maps, which have provided a range of colors that give a complete makeover of the map. With the new update, you will get a more natural set of colors for every element, including rivers, oceans, roadways, buildings, and many more.

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