Google Maps Unveils 5 AI-Powered Features to Elevate Your Travel Journey

Google Maps is one of the most used services of Google and commonly works on different devices, including smartphones and car infotainment systems. The main function of this application is to provide navigation assistance and help users move in the correct direction. To make it more convenient, the company has introduced many new features and improvements, and to bring more new features, it has introduced a new update.

The new update for Google Maps brings the ability to react with an emoji to photos, videos, and reviews from community users. Along with this, the new update will allow users to filter routes like Best Route, Least transfers, least walking, and wheelchair accessible. lowest cost. Additionally, it will also add a new option to set preferred modes such as train, tram, subway, bus, and bicycle, now easily accessible.

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Along with this, the company has also enabled the ability to detect entrance and exit from the transit station. This facility will be available in more than 80 cities, including Berlin, Boston, London, Madrid, New York, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, and Toronto.

With the latest update of Google Maps, users will now get a new feature called collaborative listings, which can be easily shared with others via a link. In simple words, you can easily make a list of your favorite locations and also add notes and locations, as well as receive updates when a new location is added.

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To make the listing more interactive, the new update will also bring the possibility to vote for your favorite destinations with five emojis: heart, smiley face, fire, cash with wings, and thumbs down.

Finally, you will now be able to react to photos, videos, and user reviews through an emoji, with a contextual feature supported by artificial intelligence and an emoji kitchen. If we talk about the availability of these features, it may take a couple of weeks to reach Android and iOS devices.

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