Android Automotive’s UI Gets a Major Revamp in Android 14

Early this month, Google released the latest upgrade for its operating system in the form of Android 14, which was initially released for its original devices, i.e., Pixel phones and tablets. On the other hand, the company is also bringing some new touches of the latest operating system to more devices, like Android Automotive.

Android Automotive and Android Auto are two different products of Google, so don’t be confused with them. Android Auto mirrors your phone on the car display, while Android Automotive is an operating system that runs directly on the vehicle head unit. The main feature of Android Automotive is that it is fully integrated with vehicles, so users can easily control some car functions like heat and air conditioning, rear seat entertainment, etc.

Coming to the latest update, Google has recently released a new update for Android Automotive, which brought some new changes in the graphic interface. More specifically, the images you see in the gallery show the new concept of graphic interface introduced. Here we essentially find the upper part equipped for navigation, such as maps, and the lower part reserved for the rest, such as applications for accessing multimedia content.

The latest update also brought some more changes for multitasking, so the driver can try all the features more smoothly without distraction. The new interface also tries to provide easy access to functions such as state maps, activating assistants, and FM radio. It is worth noticing that the new changes are not limited to vertically oriented screens but also bring some optimization for horizontally oriented displays in cars.

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