Google to save millions of GB with Android system optimization

Google has planned to launch an important update to its Android operating system that will benefit almost all mobile devices; more specifically, it will do more optimizations to the internal systems of Android devices to make them more memory efficient.

In simple words, Google has found a way to bring more improvement to the performance of Android devices, and it will also save millions of dollars in data. This is all possible through the ART( Android Runtime), which is made upgradable from Android 12.

Now, to bring new developments, the company is all set to bring a new update for the ART, which will make it more optimized, saving a total of 47 to 95 petabytes. This company doesn’t need any major updates to roll out for smartphones, but it will come with Google Play system updates.

Google Play system updates are the form of updates that are pushed by Google every month to its stock applications, including Google Play servicesGoogle Play Store, Google Wallet, etc. Through new updates, the company seeks to make the features more enhanced and also provide more new features so users can enjoy a true experience of the Android ecosystem.

As ART is the central control command for Android, it could be updated through Google services, so there is a high chance that Google will bring a new update to the Google Play service to make it more optimized.

Currently, there is no information about when this update will be available to Android devices, but as Google gradually expands the Google Play system updates every month, there is a high chance that the company may bring the new change to the devices in the next few weeks.

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