Google Enhances Android App Security with Novel Approach

Google regularly comes up with new ideas and rules for the Android ecosystem to make it more suitable for users. With all these changes, the company always aims to provide more ease in using Android devices. If we observe it more deeply, then Google every year brings a whole new software, the new Android version, which is available to all Android devices.

Additionally, every month the company introduces new updates in the form of Google Play system updates and also comes with new security patches. Through all these updates, the company constantly improves the safety and security of the devices so users can use them without worrying about the safety of their data.

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On the other hand, the company has also been strict with the policies of the Google Play Store because it is the main gateway for applications that can be officially installed on any smartphone. Over the years, the company has introduced many new features on the Google Play Store, like Google Play Protect, which protects users from installing harmful applications. Now, to make it more powerful, the company is taking some more steps to stop the availability of the application, which can be dangerous to user security.

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To do it successfully, Google has introduced a new requirement that goes into effect on November 13: developers with new personal Play Console accounts will have to test their applications with at least 20 people for a minimum of two weeks before you can throw them out.

The main goal of this new requirement is to be able to eliminate any problems and get feedback before an application launches, as Google has found that developers who use its testing tools have better results in terms of success on average.

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