Google Play Store getting even darker with new update

By looking at the darker color of the Google Play Store recently, the users of OLED smartphones would have thought something had gone wrong with their display, but it hasn’t. With the newest update from Google, the black style of the Google Play Store has become even darker. The company aims to bring a little joy to all the OLED-equipped smartphone owners by delivering an even darker version on the server side by bordering with total black.

Earlier, it was a dark gray backdrop, and now it has gotten more black. However, it is tough to identify the change; by focusing on the black app icon, users can get a sense of it. This modification has been under testing for some time, and now that it has been made available to many users, we can also expect it to expand.

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The black has made an appearance not just as the backdrop of the home screen but also on other screens, along with one for upgrading programs. Users who don’t know about this change can get a grip on it by getting the most recent version of the Google Play Store. By opening the app and following the process to enable the new functionality,

  • Go to settings
  • Click on the option ‘about’
  • Select Update Play Store

To swap the theme between bright and dark,

  • Settings
  • General 
  • Theme

The presence of the bottom bar across many pages, including app listings, is one of the other recent Play Store trends. Previously, the bottom bar would only display on the home page. A few months ago, it was disclosed that the Play Store app for foldables and tablets was getting some useful UI modifications to better utilize the split-screen interface.

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