Google Play System Update Enhances Wallet and Utilities

Every month, Google releases new updates for stock applications such as Google Services, Play Store, etc. The main aim of the update is to bring more improvements for a better experience of the Android ecosystem. To continue this, the company has introduced some more features, this time for Google Play services.

However, earlier this month, the big G brought several changes to the Google Play store and some of the services of Google Play, including developer services and system management. Now the company is back again, and this time it will enhance the services of Wallet and utilities.

In the wallet services for phones, now it will allow users to save digital copies of corporate IDs in Google wallet. To add more convenience, it will also notify users about pending identity verification.

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Along with this for enhancing the usability in Android Auto and smartphones, now the email supported field will have the advantage of autofill, so users will not have to type all the email addresses; just tap on the field, and it will take one of the most used saved usernames and fill it in; you can also manage to choose another one.

If you want to take advantage of the new features, then you should check for the new update of Google Play Services. All these features and improvements will be available with the latest version number, v23.44. To install the latest update on your device, you can click on this link. For more information, you can also check the changelog below.

Google Play System November 2023 Changelog [recently updated]

Google Play Services v23.44 (2023-11-08)


  • [Auto, Phone] For fields that are detected as email addresses, Autofill with Google will provide email addresses from saved usernames.


  • [Phone] Allow users to digitize their corporate ID in Google Wallet.
  • [Phone] Notify users of cards in their Wallet application that are pending identity verification.

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