Gboard Takes Typing to the Next Level with Auto-Floating Keyboard in Landscape Mode

Gboard is one of the most used keyboard applications on Android devices. It is one of the best Google apps that comes with almost every smartphone, but users are facing a very notable issue when running the keyboard application in landscape mode.

When you use your smartphone in landscape mode, it covers almost all of the screen, which makes it difficult to see the content on the screen. So to bring the solution to this, Google has made the Gboard switch to floating keyboard capability. After this, users will easily adjust the keyboard according to their comfort.

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According to the information, the new capability to automatically switch to the floating keyboard is coming with a new update carrying version number 13.6. However, currently, this is available for beta testers. So if you also want to try this feature, then you have to join the beta, which is quite easy. Just go to the download page of Gboard and scroll down. Here you will see the beta program. Now tap on the join button.

When you successfully download the beta update, it will apply the function daily by default. When you switch your device from portrait mode to landscape mode, the keyboard will adapt and bring the floating function on. Initially, it comes at the center, but you will have the choice to drag it anywhere, and once you start using it at any place, it will remember and open in the same place. This also brings the possibility of adjusting the size of the window. You can easily do it by dragging it from the corners.

But in case you don’t like this, you can also turn it off easily. To do that, just tap on the floating shortcut or drag the keyboard to the bottom edge of the screen, and it will come back to the original size.

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