Android Auto updates and makes a mess with Google Assistant once again

Android Auto has recently received the major eleventh version, which has brought several new features for the infotainment system, including a newly designed Google Assistant, some new features for Google Maps, and many more. But just after the next update, there is a new issue spotted with the Google Assistant application.

According to some users, they are getting an error message with the phrase “oops, something went wrong” whenever they come to give any voice command. As the Google Assistant voice command plays a crucial role in interaction with the several features of Android Auto, it is getting pretty annoying to users.

In addition, some reports even claim that the Google Assistant shows the error message “Oops, something went wrong.” before giving any voice command, after the issues

However, there is no confirmation available about where the issue actually arrived; it seems like it is affiliated with Android Auto 11.1 or that it can also be arrived with the latest Google app update. It is worth nothing that the issue was spotted at the end of January. Some limited users are facing the issue.

Google hasn’t taken any action on this issue yet, so we have to wait for the official response of the company. It will decide whether the issue will be resolved through a software update or if it can be addressed directly from the server side.

To get rid of this issue, users can use traditional techniques like looking for the new update for Android Auto, or they can also rollback to the previous version. If you want to install the previous version, you can check it out at this link.

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