Microsoft Offering New UI To Copilot On Smartphones & Web

Microsoft Copilot matches the power of artificial intelligence to boost productivity, help people understand information better, and much more. Now, to enhance the experience and convenience, Microsoft is delivering a new update to the Copilot application for Android and iOS.

Microsoft makes Copilot free to use and works on Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Or else you can download the Copilot mobile application on your iOS as well as Android smartphones.

Microsoft officially announced that the new update is on the way to knock on the door of the Copilot application. With this new update, the brand is offering a redesigned user interface for the chat window as per the convenience of the users. Also, the new UI is already live on Copilot for the web.

As per Microsoft, the redesign will sort out the messy functionality so that the users will get a cleaner, sleeker look and feel for answers and a fun new ride of suggested prompts for showing the actual power of Copilot. With this new UI, the users will get a more streamlined look and feel, which will help them bring their ideas to life and more easily gain understanding regarding the world.

Microsoft mentioned that “AI is the defining technology of our time. Microsoft’s advancements in AI align with our company’s mission to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. With Copilot, we’re democratizing our breakthroughs in AI to help make the promise of AI real for everyone.”

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