WhatsApp Is Gearing Up Chat Lock Feature For Linked Devices

WhatsApp is back with a new beta updatetorenhanceg the users’secured experience. By this update the brand is offering a new feature named – Chat Lock for linked devices. 

The update has arrived with its own identification build number, which is v2.24.4.14. With this version number, one can easily identify the update. For now, the update is in the developing stage, but it is expected that soon the brand will make it available to all users. Now, interested beta users can get this new update through the Google Play Beta Program.

According to reports, locking a chat on the main device will automatically lock it on all other linked devices. Doesn’t this feature seem like quite a strong privacy system? This synchronization of chat locks across devices just makes sure to keep the chats in more privacy, no matter the device being used.

Noticeably, to open the locked chats from any linked device, a secret code will be needed. With this feature, the brand has just aimed to enhance the users’ privacy and security. At the moment, this chat lock feature for linked devices is still under construction. Once this feature is ready, the brand will soon deliver it with future updates.

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