Android Auto 11.3 stable update now available for everyone

Google has recently rolled out the 11.3 beta update for Android Auto users; however, it is available for a limited number of users who have already enrolled in the beta program. The company has rolled out the stable update for the Galaxy devices.

Android Auto 11.3 Stable update

Google has released the Android 11.3 stable update for all Android users. With the latest update, the company hasn’t specified any features, but according to the information, the update may bring some AI features that were announced last month by Google.

Here we are expecting the debut of some AI features that will provide the ability to summarize messages received or to provide even more targeted suggestions and solutions that should be available to improve the experience while driving.

In the field of infotainment, Google has one and only big competitor, Apple CarPlay, which is also equipped with several features that help drivers get most of the utility features. So to gain dominance in the market, Android Auto is rapidly gaining several useful features that will surely be the best option for users.

Google has done a tremendous job in this field, and according to the speed of the coming of new updates, the company has rolled out eleven generations of the application, which is coming with several new changes in a short period of time. So if you also want to be part of the evolution journey, then you should update the Android Auto in the latest software version. Users can easily install the latest update from the Google Play Store, or they can also get the application from here directly.

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