New beta version of Samsung Internet available to download

Nowadays, the growth of cyber crimes is increasing rapidly, and due to this, people prefer safety to consuming content on the internet. Therefore Samsung has made a very secure internet browser with its own team; there are two variants available one is based on the beta, and the other is stable; both offer the same services, but the beta variant is ahead in terms of grabbing new updates.

Samsung Internet Browser Beta Update

Samsung has now rolled out a new update of the browser; it is now available on the Galaxy store with version number It comes in 115MB of software package. The latest update doesn’t bring any new features, but it is expected that the update may improve the functionality of the previously released features, like increasing the number of history lists displayed.

The Samsung Internet browser beta offers many safety features like secret mode and anti-tracking; it also warns you about malicious sites so you can prevent data from stealing. Apart from this, it also gives some features which are suitable for internet browsing, like Dark mode, Video assistant, extensions like a translator and many more.

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The Internet browser beta update is not limited to Samsung devices, but it is available on the Google play store, which means any Android phone user can easily download or update it. However, it is also worth noticing that the update is available for those devices which are running on at least Android 8.0. 

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