Samsung filed Patent for Automatic Calorie Nutrition Tracking via Galaxy Watches in the USA

Automatic calorie and nutrition tracker is an area of interest for many wearable technology manufacturers, including Samsung. With this, Samsung is about to launch a Galaxy Smartwatch that will hit a new milestone in wearable technology. A function that might be included in Upcoming galaxy smartwatches has been disclosed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Common smartwatches often calculate calories burnt by analyzing the activity and heartbeat rate data of the wearer. According to a patent application by Samsung with the US 11,653,836 B2 patent number, a smartwatch will allegedly be able to calculate the ingested calories as well.
Current Smart Watches, which are available in the market, rely on manually entered information concerning what the person has consumed that day.

A spectroscope and an LED are used by Samsung to measure whether light wavelengths are absorbed, emitted and reflected by the skin according to the information provided in the patent filing. A patent filing process explains that Samsung is planning something big to bring up in the technology marketplace.

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One of the extraordinary features is that the algorithm calculates the calories that have been intaken by comparing it to the user’s data when he was hungry. Additional features involve analyzing the user’s daily activity along with their medical history. The current methods are less accurate compared to this one. Samsung is in the process of developing sensors to track blood pressure and blood alcohol levels. This model aims to hold every piece of information that is crucial for a person’s everyday life analysis and activities.

And Samsung is even working on adding extra features that will make the model stand out of the line. The presence of a patent in the making of this model describes the innovation and novelty that Samsung has brought into this, and these smart watches will surely make up the future era of Galaxy Watches.

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