Samsung Service Centers Paperless Operations: 17 Million Sheets Saved

Samsung has always been an active member in taking up environmental initiatives. The initiative taken up by Samsung, ‘Go Paper free’ has resulted in enormous good responses all over the world. This initiative started with Samsung services center employees going for paperless processes and following an economically friendly alternative for papers. The media field and environmentalists tremendously encouraged Samsung to bring up its marketing strategy for the use of environmental initiatives.

Following the reports of the past two years, it is found that the launch of this initiative has saved 33 billion sheets of paper, and 17 million papers have been saved in the past 12 months. India was the first country to take up this initiative. More than 11000 service centers across 180 countries adopted the paper-free system following responses in India.

This project was kick-started in July 2021 across the country and has given a sustainable solution to the customers. Apart from the savings in paper usage, this has also benefited customers in faster transactions in the service centers and contactless communication between the consumers and executives.

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This works by sharing all the documents that were previously issued to customers through paper are now shared through email and Whatsapp services. This will also be useful in replacing internal office documents with electronic documents. Big Companies like Samsung’s involvement in eco-friendly initiatives like this can be a giant step towards social change. Their efforts aim to reduce paper usage, increase efficiency and minimize the environmental impact of their work.

Apart from Go paper-free initiatives, Samsung has also given other paperless initiatives such as

  • Digital Document Management – Implements digital documents to minimize the need for paper-based documents.Mobile Solutions – Enables mobile solutions that help users go paperless
  • E-reading and Education – Provides e-book platforms and applications to access study materials, digital books etc.
  • Digital Signage – Digital signage replaces paper-based posters.
  • Sustainable packaging – Reduce packaging waste through eco-friendly packaging.

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