Samsung Cloud Ends Backups on July 23: Partnered with Microsoft OneDrive to backup

A few years ago, Samsung hopped aboard the online data backup bandwagon and unveiled its one remedy, the Samsung Cloud, which functions easily and is also compatible with the Samsung ecosystem. A web version that allowed users to see images, videos, and other content from their smartphone on a computer or laptop was even introduced about five years ago.

However, functions were gradually removed. The first step was to back up your images to the Samsung Cloud. All of this wasn’t an issue at first until Samsung partnered with Microsoft and contracted with OneDrive to backup your images and also offered to migrate your data there if you desired to. Samsung now decided to switch Samsung Cloud over to OneDrive as part of Samsung’s larger strategy of reducing its costs while offering more to consumers. It is shutting down Samsung Cloud but switching to OneDrive, so users effectively are just seeing a cloud service provider change.

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A timetable was eventually released, bringing the termination of various functions closer. One more Samsung Cloud Function that enables music restoration. You may back up, sync and restore content on your device using Samsung Cloud. Nothing critical to you will ever be lost, and viewing images across devices is seamless. You won’t lose any of your data if you change phones because you can replicate it using Samsung Cloud.

For music and documents, Samsung tends to delete all the backed-up documents and music from the cloud. If you have any important documents or music in the cloud, then the data should be downloaded. You can avail of this feature on the app and the web version as well. But this feature will no longer be available from July 23 as of the official announcement from Samsung. But some features like backing up of contacts, syncing, and settings will remain further.

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