Samsung Promotes Health and Fitness on Olympic Day with Samsung Health Step Challenge

In 1998 Samsung supported the Olympic Winter Games in Nagano with its innovative mobile technology being the official Worldwide Olympic Partner in Wireless Communication Equipment. Since then, Samsung has continued its work in taking up the challenge of Olympic marketing with its belief in bringing valuable changes through this.

The community of Olympic games, athletes and their fans can communicate and share all around the world in a transformed way. Samsung’s work in the Olympic Winter Games 2022, Beijing added it to history. Following the good response they got, Samsung has decided to serve as an official partner of the Worldwide Olympics and continue to provide wireless communication along with computing equipment support for the games until 2028.

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Samsung is hosting the Samsung Health Olympic Day Step Challenge on June 8, 2023, as a part of its celebration of Olympic Day. The event aims to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles of individuals around the world. The Samsung Health Olympic Day Step Challenge is a digital initiative that encourages participants to engage in physical activity by tracking their daily steps using the Samsung Health App. Participants can join the challenge by downloading the app and registering for the event.

Throughout the day, participants are encouraged to reach their step goals and record their progress using the Samsung Health app. The challenge aims to motivate individuals to be active and incorporate physical activity into their daily routines. Participants can compete with their friends, family, colleagues and even with other users worldwide, fostering a sense of community and a fun-filling, friendly competition. Samsung provides various incentives and rewards for participants, including virtual badges and recognition for achieving the milestones in this challenge.

By organizing the Samsung Health Olympic Day Step Challenge, Samsung strives to promote the Olympic values of excellence, friendship, and respect while encouraging people
to adopt healthier lifestyles through physical activity. Additional features from Samsung in the account of the Olympic Day Celebration include the Launch of the brand-new Samsung Health Olympic Day Step Challenge on the Samsung Health app, inspiring users to track steps, stay active and reap many health benefits. A health-benefiting program like this is crucial for this generation which is not well exposed to the environment.

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The Samsung Health Olympic Day Step Challenge, which is accessible in 18 nations, will be promoted on the app on June 8 in advance of the commencement of the event. Then the challenge will start on June 10 and end on June 23, the actual Olympic Day. Users of Samsung Health can quickly join the challenge by just clicking on the banner.

Users will be encouraged by a congratulatory message that appears at each 20,000-step milestone, part of an overall goal of 100,000 steps.

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