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Samsung apps that are available for all Android users



Samsung is one of the leading hardware companies, but in the past few years, the Korean giant has been focusing on the software department; there are many useful apps designed by the company which are not only available for Samsung users but also available for other Android users.
Here we are listing some apps that offer useful functionalities, and they will be available for every Android user.

Samsung Internet

Samsung Internet is one of the best browsing applications for Android devices. Several features in the app make it more useful; let’s explore them.

Samsung Internet v22 available for testers: What’s New

Privacy Dashboard – you can see the trackers blocked by the app, which is trying to see your browsing history. It also blocks pop-ups and automatic downloads and gets warnings about harmful sites.

Secret Mode – It is basically a more powerful version of incognito mode; you can lock secret mode with a password or fingerprint to secure your private tabs.

Video Assistant: It also provides a video player with intuitive gesture-based controls to replace the native video player of a third-party app.

Samsung Internet comes preloaded with every Samsung smartphone, but it is available for all Android devices; you can easily install it from the Play Store.

Samsung Health

Samsung Health application allows you to manage your health. The app allows you to automatically record many activities, creating a healthy lifestyle easier and simpler than ever. You can easily track and manage your fitness activities, such as running, cycling, swimming, etc. It can also monitor your sleep patterns in more detail with the Galaxy watch. Make your mornings more refreshing by improving the quality of your sleep levels and sleep scores.

Samsung Health app gets sleep widget feature, and more

Apart from these, it also offers some exclusive features for women’s health. It supports menstrual cycle tracking, related symptom management, and personalized insights and content through your partner. The app is available for all Android users; you can download it from the Play Store.

Samsung PENUP

Samsung PENUP is a social network platform that is made for creatives; here, you can create and share your original artwork, participate in events and challenges, view popular artwork, and follow your favorite creatives.

Samsung PENUP update: New smart colouring, canvas size, brush remember, and many more features

The app is designed to give a creative environment to drawing lovers; it supports the S-PEN so you can easily smoothly make different artworks; however, the S-PEN is mandatory for drawing if you have a third-party stylus, you can easily do that in the PENUP application.

Samsung SmartThings

SmartThings provides an interface to control your smart home devices. It is compatible with over 100 smart home brands. So you can control all of your smart home gadgets in one place. With the smartThings, you can control multiple smart homes quicker and easier.

Samsung updates the SmartThings app for Galaxy devices

You can easily connect your Samsung smart TVs, smart applications, smart speakers, and brands like Ring, Nwar, and Philips Hue all from one app. This app is available on Play Store, so anyone who uses an Android phone can download it.

Samsung Smart Switch

Smart Switch offers you the freedom to move your contacts, music, photos, calendar, text messages, device settings, and more to your new Galaxy device. Plus, Smart Switch™ helps you find your favorite apps or suggest similar ones on Google Play.

Samsung Good Lock updates some modules: Support smart switch feature, and more

This application is also used for cross platforms, iOS owners can transfer data from their drive to any Galaxy device or other Android devices; this application works on iOS 5.0 or above. And it also gives you connectivity with Windows, so you can also transfer the data to your PC as well.

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Apps & Services

Google Maps in Android Auto gets new interface with redesigns




The Google Maps app for Android Auto is getting some improvements for its interface, with some redesigned icons that will provide an elegant look to the UI. According to the information, the Android Auto buttons in Google Maps, including ‘Home and “Work,” will get a bold, dark icon. These are decades to provide shortcuts to preset locations.

Additionally, the updated user interface also features a more noticeable search bar. Google has already made some more changes in the past to provide useful buttons in Google Maps, such as replacing the icons in the interface to make it usable with one hand.

For your information, these new icon changes appeared just after the latest Google Maps update, which has also provided a new ability to synchronize the ‘3D Buildings” feature.

Apart from these, Google has dedicatedly brought several new changes to Google Maps, which aim to provide a smooth experience for its Android Auto’s navigation services. For instance, it has included a bolder design to drive time to match the mobile app and the ability to quickly save parking information when you reach your destination.

Google Maps play an important role in navigation, whether it is for smartphones, tablets, or Android Auto. It is a commonly used application on all Android devices for navigation. So to make it more engaging and useful, the Mountain View company frequently brings new updates to the application, so to take advantage of new features related to navigation, you should always keep the application up-to-date.

Via – 9to5Google

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Samsung Galaxy and Pixel phones could soone get new features for Circle to Search




Samsung introduced the AI-powered Circle to Search with Google features on the Galaxy S24 series, which is already available on Google Pixel 8 phones. Now this feature is getting a few new capabilities to enhance users’ experience. 

The Galaxy AI includes various generational AI features, but Circle to Search is the most praised one. This feature permits you to search for anything on the display by just circling the image or text without even switching between the apps. Now the reports are unveiling that the Circle to Search feature could get two new functionalities soon, which are mentioned below: 

  • Copy Image 
  • Share Image 

It is being speculated by a well-known tipster, @AssembleDebug, on X that Circle to Search on Pixel will soon permit to copy and share selected areas as images. 

At the moment, Circle to Search only authorizes users to search images or text by circling them, but soon this feature will offer new functionalities that will permit you to copy and share selected areas as images. You can easily select the portion on display you want with a tap, circle, or scribble with Circle to Search, and then this will let you tweak the selected area. 

Copy image and Share image buttons will pop up while you select something; undoubtedly, it is effectively a quick as well as easy way of capturing part of the screen to go alongside the existing screenshot options on Android devices. However, at the moment, it is not exactly clear when these two options will be rolled out widely, but they are soon to be expected. 


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Android Auto 11.8 stable version update is available to everyone




Android Auto brings some crucial functionality to your car screen; it enables users to intersect almost all the smartphone applications from the head unit of the car. Google regularly provides updates to the application to make it compatible with the car display, but due to some issues, users aren’t able to get a seamless experience.

However, Google is working hard to bring Android Auto back on track and frequently serves new updates that will specifically bring improvements to the infotainment system functionalities. In the latest development, the company has started rolling out Android Auto’s new update with version number 11.8. It is worth noting that this is a stable update, so every user who hasn’t enrolled in the beta program will receive it. 

Following the same tradition, the company doesn’t attach any new changelog for the application, so it is hard to say what’s new with the latest update. But if we talk about the last beta updates, it has brought some improvements, like Google Maps, where it has synchronized the 3D building feature. 

Along with this, there may be some other new changes that can improve Android Auto’s overall performance and stability. So, if you want to take advantage of the new update, you should update the application to the latest version. To do that, you need to go to the Google Play Store and search for Android Auto. If the update is available, hit the button to get it.

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