Samsung updates the SmartThings app for Galaxy devices

SmartThings is Samsung’s own application which offers different capabilities for controlling home-based devices which are able to connect through wifi. With SmartThings, you can manage them quickly and also integrate the functionalities into the modes and routines, which will set an environment according to the preset profile.

The latest update is now available for Galaxy devices which comes with version number; the update comes in a heavy software package of 106.99 MB. It brings some significant changes for the app; the new update includes the support of Matterwhichis a new standard for Smart Home connectivity; it also adds a new Explore section which helps you to get the most out of SmartThings by showcasing new features and products. Additionally, now the update brings support for the “search for unknown” feature for all Android devices.

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SmartThings is available for all Android devices, so it can be downloaded through the Galaxy store, or Samsung device users can also update the app through the Galaxy store.

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