Samsung announced two new lineups of 4k OLED TVs in the US

Being one of the top display manufacturers, Samsung rules unilaterally in the display market; the company makes the display for small-screen devices to large-screen devices, now with the latest technology of display – OLED, the Korean giant has also covered the market in many countries, but there is something missing in the TVs market that is stopping Samsung to make dominance in the market. Now the company is trying to fill the gap.

Samsung is now expanding in the TV market with two new lineups.

Yesterday, Samsung announced the expansion of its OLED 4K TV line with two new series lineups, including the S95C and S90C; in both series, there will be three modes available with different screen sizes, including 55, 65, and 77 inches. Let’s know more about them series-wise.

 Samsung OLED 4K flagship S95C

The Flagship S95C series will be the flagship device because you will get some exclusive features. In this series of TVs, you will see the support of Quantum HDR OLED+, which delivers bright whites and pure blacks thanks to the powerful processor that dynamically brings to life. For a better sound experience, you will get the support of Dolby Atmos and object Tracking sound +

Samsung OLED 4K S90C

Samsung has brought this series for the benefit of OLED at a lower price point; however, with low cost, customers will get full support of all important features which are you are getting in the S95C lineup. With this series, you will get all the immersive experience of audio and video quality, and the company said it would viewers will experience pure blacks, pure whites, and dramatic color and audio that keeps them in action with Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound Lite, which delivers an ultrarealistic 3D audio.

Entertainment ready

Samsung also provides you extra entertainment for users with smart TV apps and the support of top streaming providers. Both of the series will support Samsung TV Plus, which is a free app that offers a variety of content. It has several TV channels, such as 250 channels based in the US and 1900 channels globally, as well as you will get thousands of shows and movies on demand. For Gaming, the company has its own dedicated app, Samsung Gaming Hub, so you can instantly play thousands of games from top streaming services like X box, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, and many more.

Availability and Pricing

Samsung is set to introduce these two new TV series; let’s know the available models and their prices. 

Samsung S90C series TVs

  • 77S90C: MSRP $3,599
  • 65S90C: not revealed yet
  • 55S90C: MSRP $1,899

Samsung S95C series TVs

  • 77S95C: MSRP $4,499
  • 65S95C: MSRP $3,299
  • 55S95C: MSRP $2,499

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