Samsung SmartThings brings new features with the latest version

Samsung SmartThings Framework is a built-in function that offers several functionalities that help users to do different tasks through their Galaxy device. It allows you to control smart devices such as lights, TVs, speakers and home appliances, and many more.

SmarThings gets new features

Samsung is now rolling out a new update which is now available for Galaxy devices with version number The latest update brings several new changes; for now, when you are using modes and routines features, your device will be now capable of running different smart-home devices according to the condition. When you schedule sleep mode on your Galaxy device, it will also dim the lights, as well as blinds, will be closed.

The latest update for SmartThings will be available for those Galaxy devices which are running on Android 11 or above. The installation file of the update will be 20.46MB in size. You can easily update the app through the Galaxy store. If you want to use latest features, it is recommended that you should install the update as soon as possible.

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