Samsung Good Lock updates some modules: Support smart switch feature, and more

Samsung Good Lock is an app that allows users to customize their Android devices with a suite of useful tools. The latest update to Samsung Good Lock brings three new modules: QuickStar, MultiStar, and NotiStar. These modules allow users to access information quickly, customize their navigation bar and more.

Recall that the QuickStar module lets you quickly access your favorite apps and features from the home screen. The MultiStar module lets you use multiple apps simultaneously, and the NotiStar module that allows users to manage their notifications in a more efficient way.

In presenting the update, the team of developers points out that Samsung Good Lock represents a project on which he works in his spare time, and updates are not as frequent as many users would like.

What’s New QuickStar v6.3.06.31

Among the innovations introduced is the addition of the QuickStar module version to support the smart switch feature with the Show notifications by the last update, Quick button grid, and Open the Quick panel directly. This feature is available for One UI 4.0 or higher version.

What’s New MultiStar v6.2.5 & NotiStar v5.1.24.00

Finally, the MultiStar module version 6.2.5 supports backup through the smart switch. While NotiStar v5.1.24.00 get supports smart switch (settings only), fixes duplicated entry point view on the lock screen, and Layout bug fixes.

You will need to wait a few days before the update actually reaches all users.

The updates to Samsung Good Lock’s QuickStar, MultiStar, and NotiStar modules will make it easier than ever before for users to customize their devices with a wealth of features. Not only can they choose how their interface looks and feels but also how simple or complex it is. With these modules now available in the latest version of Samsung Good Lock, anyone who wants to personalize their device’s experience has everything they need at their fingertips.

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