Samsung NavStar and Clockface get new features and fixes [Good Lock]

Samsung is quickly backing up its Good Lock modules this year. The company has updated several modules, reflecting Samsung’s intention to make its device more customizable than before. To keep this up, the Korean giant has released new updates for its Good lock modules, including NavStar and Clockface.

Samsung NavStar gets new update

With the help of the NavStar module, you can easily customize your device’s navigation bar. It offers different options which take your navigation experience to the next level.

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Some of the tasks you can perform with this are as follows:

  •  You can show and hide the navigation bar.
  •  You can change the color of the navigation bar.
  •  You can add useful buttons to the navigation bar.
  •  You can change the icon of the navigation bar to your favorite image.
  •  If you are using gesture mode, you can change the hinted background, handle length, and color.

What’s new

Now Samsung has released a new update for NavStar. The update comes with version number The latest update of Navstar brings some fixes for the inbuilt functions, such as dark mode, show task stack, and navigation bar size. In brief, the update fixes the schedule of the dark mode of the navigation bar, which was not working properly before; it has also resolved the issues for running the apps in the ‘Show task stack’ in the Foldable devices and Tablets. It also fixed the issue related to the stability of the navigation bar, which was stuck in the System UI when used with Nultistar’s cover launcher.

v5.1.2.23 (One UI 5.X)

- Fixed a problem where the dark mode of the navigation bar was sometimes not turned off when the dark mode was set to 'turn on as scheduled'
- (Fold, Tablet) Fixed an issue where some apps did not run and a toast message appeared in the "Show task stack" option
- (Flip) Fixed an issue where the navigation bar was abnormally large or the System UI stopped error when used with MultiStar's cover launcher.

New update available for Samsung Clockface

If you want to customize the system’s clock, it can be easily done with the help of the Clockface module. The Clockface is a module that provides several types of clock face templates. With the help of this, you can easily change your device clock style. It also allows some editing, like selecting the clock face style and decorating it by adding text, images, and Gifs.

What’s new

As you know, the Clock face is available in many Galaxy devices that have supported the Good lock module. Now Samsung has served a new update with version 2.3.3. With this new update, Samsung has expanded the support of Clockface for Galaxy Tab S8 series. However, the update is available for all Galaxy devices which are running on Android 11 to Android 13. It may carry some bug fixes that improve the stability and performance of the module.

- Support Tablet ( From Galaxy Tab S8)

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