Samsung Internet v22 available for testers: What’s New

The Samsung Internet Beta offers all the same features as you get in the stable version; the only difference between them is that the beta version offers you all the new features before the stable one and always gets more updates than the full-fledged version. Samsung has rolled out a new beta version of its Samsung Internet browser. It brings longer history lists to Android devices, including Smartphones and tablets. While previously you have shown very few features.

Samsung Internet comes with beta v22, brings improvements

Samsung has rolled out the new beta version of Internet Beta with version number The update is now available on the Google Play store and will soon be available on the Galaxy Store. According to the official change, it comes with some significant improvements for the app, like it increases the list of history items.

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In addition, the update also improves the Tab manager’s list layout on tablets. However, there is no specific information about it. But we expect that it may resize the list and change it to column view to adjust it.

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If you are using the Internet browser stable version, you will not get these features now, but if you also want to experience it on your device, so can install the beta version. To get the beta version, you don’t have to join any beta program, as the beta application is already available on both the Samsung Galaxy Store and the Google Play store.

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