Google Home 3.1 update brings new light controls and UI tweaks for tablets

Google Home is a friendly application to control home-based devices, and it offers compatibility with many devices such as Chromecast, sleep hub, light, and many more. The big has now rolled out a new update for the application that gives more improvements to the application. 

The latest update brings a major change seeing the devices tab adopt a secondary navigation element that lists each room. When you tap on it, then it will show you the grouping with each tile.

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In the tablet, the main heads of Favorites, Devices, Automation, Activity, and settings are now placed the sideway container so you can easily navigate to the items.

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With the new version 3.1 of the Google Home app has included new lighting controllers, and with some new changes, the brightness ark is replaced by a slider shape of a pill with six quick temperature options below. 

Moreover, the update carries new UI changes specifically for tablets, while it also comes with some significant features for the devices, so it is recommended to update the app for a better experience.

The latest update of Google Home is rolling out for all Android devices which are running on Android 8 or above. The update has brought specific changes for the tablets, so if you are a tablet user, you should update the app, while other device users can slowly enjoy the app with new features. You can download it from the play store.

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