Samsung Internet becomes much easier to use with new update

Samsung Internet, an exceptional Android browser, stands out not only because it comes pre-installed on Samsung’s devices but also due to its remarkable speed and secure browsing capabilities. While it has consistently lacked the option to relocate the address bar on larger screens and tablets, which can significantly enhance navigation in various scenarios, this limitation has finally been addressed.

In the recent stable release, version, Samsung introduced the much-awaited feature after initially testing it in the beta version (Samsung Internet Beta 21.0) released in late April. Users now have the freedom to decide whether they want the address bar conveniently placed at the bottom for easy access or prefer to keep it at the top, at eye level.

Samsung Internet beta expanding the usability for Galaxy Tablets

In addition to its impact on larger screens and tablets, this update also holds significance for phones. Enabling this option not only relocates the address bar to the bottom but also shifts the bookmarks and tabs accordingly. In the past, even when the address bar was set at the bottom, bookmarks and tabs remained at the top on phones. However, it’s worth noting that you cannot separate these different bars, meaning that when you move the address bar, the bookmarks and tabs will also be affected by the same setting. This arrangement, particularly on phones, may occupy a considerable portion of the lower screen space, which everyone may not prefer.

Another exciting feature in this latest April beta version update is a helpful notification when you approach 99 open tabs. Once you reach the hundredth tab, Samsung Internet will automatically close the oldest tab and present a pop-up alert, allowing you to reopen it if desired.

You can now find Samsung Internet version on the Galaxy Store, and it is expected to become available on Google Play shortly. As of now, Google Play hosts version while we write this.

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