Here’s One UI Watch 5 features that will come to your Samsung Galaxy Watches

Samsung’s One UI Watch serves as the user interface for their smartwatches, operating on the WearOS platform. Exciting news has emerged as Samsung has officially unveiled the forthcoming iteration of One UI Watch, known as One UI Watch 5. The upcoming One UI Watch 5 will be built upon the foundations of WearOS 4. The company plans to initiate a Beta program in May to facilitate testing and gather feedback. With this new user interface, your Galaxy Watch is set to gain a host of intriguing features and capabilities.

One UI Watch 5 Features

Notably, the WearOS 4-based One UI Watch 5 will only be launched for the Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5, and the upcoming Watch 6 series members. Out of these, the Galaxy Watch 4 & 5 series will get its Beta update right after the UI’s arrival, and the Watch 6 series will come with it out of the box. Reportedly, the stable One UI Watch 5 will arrive later this year. It is said the UI will focus on three things – sleep, safety, and smarter fitness tools. 

Strong focus on fitness

As being used in a wearable, One UI Watch 5 must have some reliable and amazing fitness-related tools and features in it. And there is no doubt that the Galaxy Watches lineup owns a great number of fitness features. With the new UI as well, the Galaxy Watches will get some improvements in its fitness-freak abilities. The first noticeable improvement will be Heart Rate Zone Mode. With this mode, one can view more data from, for example, interval training. 

The new UI will also have some different levels that you can choose for training. Finally, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro devices will be able to lock GPX routes via the Samsung Health application. 

Better insights for Sleeping Behavior 

Sleep is a crucial action for living beings. However, some actions many times ruin our sleep cycle, which is incredibly harmful to one’s health. With this new software, you can check how you slept. The good thing is the new UI will also determine when the wearer is on REM sleep. It will also let you view data regarding your snoring or blood oxygen level at night. The most appreciable ability of One UI Watch 5 will be the sleep coach that can be easily and quickly activated from your Galaxy Watch. 

Safety is the most important element 

Now safety and security are things nobody can compromise with. The main and final pillar of the upcoming One UI Watch 5 will be security. Let us tell you, the new Galaxy Watch UI will let the wearer quickly share their location or forward their medical status with the emergency contacts. Not only that, but it also activates the fall detection mode in case the wearer is 55 years or older. 

One UI Watch 5-Based On WearOS 4 Beta: All You Need To Know

These are some novelties, or we can say abilities, that we can expect from the upcoming One UI Watch 5 software. It will be interesting to see how this new UI will work with the well-admired Galaxy Watch members.

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