Galaxy Watch’s Sleep Tracking Feature Wins Over Users for its Accuracy and Insights

According to Hon Pak, the Vice President and leader of Samsung’s digital health division, the global user base of the Samsung Health platform has surpassed 64 million active users per month. The remarkable growth can be attributed largely to the rising popularity of the Galaxy Watch series smartwatches, which have garnered significant attention for their advanced sleep-tracking capabilities, fueling user engagement with the platform.

Earlier this month, Samsung unveiled some exciting updates for the upcoming version of One UI Watch, emphasizing their commitment to enhancing the dedicated graphical interface for smartwatches. The company has made significant investments in sleep monitoring features, reflecting the growing importance placed on this aspect. 

In comparison to 2022, there has been a doubling of users utilizing sleep-tracking capabilities on Samsung’s smartwatches. Shared data reveals that half of Galaxy Watch users access sleep-tracking tools on a weekly basis, while 40% of Galaxy Watch users engage with sleep features in Samsung Health at least three times per week.

One UI Watch 5 & WearOS 4 Supported Galaxy Watches

With tens of millions of users worldwide relying on Samsung Health’s sleep quality monitoring features, the company is deeply invested in refining and implementing numerous improvements in this domain. Consequently, the forthcoming version of One UI Watch will prioritize the following functions:

  • Improve understanding of personal sleep patterns through a new user interfaceSleep Insights
  • Sleep Coaching, already available in the Samsung Health app for Galaxy phones, will also be implemented on Galaxy Watches, helping users build healthy sleep habits.
  • Improve connectivity between the company’s smartwatches and SmartThings-compatible devices, allowing them to react to Sleep Mode parameters.

The One UI Watch 5 is expected to make its debut along with the Galaxy Watch6 series smartwatches, whose presentation is expected in July; we just have to wait to find out if the company has more news in store for sleep monitoring features.

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