WearOS 4 will be more colorful for Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5

WearOS 4, the upcoming smartwatch OS version, is now on the verge of being launched on the market. A few days ago, Big G announced the Developer Preview of this premium software novelty. It is really satisfactory that Google started to pay attention to the smartwatch market as well; otherwise, WearOS 4 will still be lacking the premium experience, such as previous WearOS versions’ underdeveloped Material You.

Informatively, Google is now paying more attention to the smartphone market; we can justify it with the arrival of developed and enhanced Material You for WearOS 4 and the introduction of its first wearable Pixel Watch. Google will give its users peace of mind with the upcoming WearOS 4, as it is reported to be the most colorful OS ever, all thanks to the enhanced Material You abilities.

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As the Korean firm Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 are running on WearOS, this upcoming software novelty will amaze them as well. If we look at the previous WearOS version, WearOS 3, it sure is good, specifically in terms of the graphical interface, but it disappointed its users due to the lack of smartphone-like Material You features, as it isn’t as colorful as it is on Android devices.

Material You will make WearOS 4 the most colorful ever

Thankfully, there is no need to be desperate anymore, as WearOS 4 will change things. If you are wondering what changes WearOS 4 will make, so, let us tell you the most significant changes can be seen in the Quick Settings section and one related to the search of local apps. WearOS 4 will also bring the support of accent colors in Material You. For a better understanding, you can get an idea through the images shared below.

Unfortunately, Google hasn’t confirmed the launch date of WearOS 4 yet, but we are expecting it to arrive next autumn. Let us tell you, Samsung’s next One UI Watch 5 will also be based on WearOS 4, which means it will also be as colorful as the next-gen smartwatch OS. Nota bene, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 5, and the next Galaxy Watch will be eligible for WearOS 4. Older ones will be out of the league.

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