SwiftKey’s AI Bing can compose texts on Samsung Galaxy devices

SwiftKey is an intelligent virtual keyboard app renowned by Microsoft, on which the American multinational’s Bing generative AI comes pre-installed. Notably, the Korean firm Samsung has integrated SwiftKey into its Galaxy devices as an alternative to its own keyboard app, which is now looking like a game-changing innovation for all users. Recently, Microsoft has added a new function, Compose, in it. Let’s know what it is. 

SwiftKey’s Compose: A pen between your fingers

Recently, Microsoft SwiftKey’s official Twitter handle shared a post regarding the new AI feature of SwiftKey, which is named Compose. Informatively, this new feature is capable of doing the writing task on the basis of the topic, tone, format, and length you have chosen. Let us tell you, Compose uses Microsoft Bing’s Artificial Intelligent to write the text automatically as per your pre-set parameters. 

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The most appreciating thing is this function allows your smartphone to correct typing errors and also makes you feel like it is your personal writing assistant. Besides all the aforementioned abilities, can send an email to your service provider to find a solution if any problem appears. It does it just by following the provided instructions that too by keeping the desired tone, length, and format in the account. 

One thing got clear with Compose’s abilities, Microsoft is working sincerely on its SwiftKey keyboard and bringing advanced novelties to it. SwiftKey and Bing’s utility can be determined by their expansion on Samsung’s Galaxy devices. Microsoft’s Bing may be progressing slowly, but it is surely gaining traction. As of now, Bing’s AI has been debuted to millions of Galaxy devices within just a few weeks.

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As we have mentioned above as well, Microsoft’s SwiftKey is coming pre-installed in Samsung’s proprietary One UI interface. It may be inactive for some users in some markets if they choose Samsung’s keyboard app as a default keyboard. Well, whatever, the noteworthy thing is, its presence is expanding like wildfire undoubtedly.

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