Samsung drops its plans to replace Google with Bing, for the time being

Last month, the New York Times revealed that the Seoul firm Samsung is planning to replace Google Search, the default search engine for its Galaxy devices, with Bing. If you don’t know, Bing is a web search engine owned and operated by Microsoft. However, now a new report has come to the fore that says Samsung paused its plan to change the default Galaxy device search engine. Let’s know more about this report. 

Recently, the popular blog Wall Street Journal shared that “Google is spared a search engine switch by a major partner.” As per the blog, Samsung has paused its plan to replace Google with Microsoft’s Bing. It seems that Samsung’s this decision wasn’t as clear-cut as the initial reports claimed. It may have happened due to Samsung and Google’s renegotiation or due to the failed negotiation with Microsoft.

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We can’t say for sure what is the actual reason. However, Bing may not have become the default search engine in Galaxy devices, but it is already available in most of them (Galaxy Phones and Tablets) as a part of SwiftKey. If you are unaware, SwiftKey is Microsoft’s virtual keyboard on which Bing generative AI comes pre-installed. Samsung is offering this in its Galaxy devices as an alternative to its own Keyboard app.

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As for Samsung’s other generative AI needs, it joined hands with Naver. As part of this partnership, the Korean firm is building its own generative AI, which will help Samsung employees as well as Galaxy customers. Having an indigenous generative AI will be safer, and employees can use it exclusively within the company’s range, and there will be no need to worry about any crucial data leak, as happened with ChatGPT previously.

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