Several Fake ChatGPT Apps Put Users at Risk, the original will soon arrive on Android too

Earlier, OpenAI unveiled the official mobile app for ChatGPT on iOS. While the application is presently exclusive to Apple’s operating system, it won’t be long before it becomes available on Android as well.

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Artificial intelligence is very popular nowadays; it can be seen that ChatGPT already got a large user base in a short time. The success of ChatGPT is all dependent on its algorithm, which is designed to give human-like answers to every question in the new development ChatGPT 4, which now reads the images and tells you everything about it. All features have grabbed the attention of the people.

However currently, ChatGPT is only functioning on the web, but for iOS, it is released in app form on the Apple store, while Android users have to wait for some. 

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But for doing business, several ChatGPT-like fake apps are available on the Play Store, and due to a lack of knowledge or curiosity, several people have downloaded them. These apps are designed to loot people; they offer many subscription-based schemes that are very expensive.

Here is the list of some applications that are working on a subscription model:

  • GBT Chat: Costs $6 per week and $312 per year after the three-day free trial ends. The developers made $10,000 in March alone.
  • Genie: Charges $7 for a week and $70 for a year. She made $1 million in April.
  • GAI Assistant: The paid version costs $6 per week. The free version has a daily limit of ten entries. It earned its developers about $15,000 in March.
  • AI Chat GBT: €6.49 per month.
  • AI Chat – AI Assistant Chatbot: Attempts to charge $8 for a week, but the prompt can be ignored
  • Genie AI Chatbot: $7 weekly or $70 yearly subscription. It brought in $700,000 in revenue last month.
  • AI Chatbot – Open Chat Writer: $6.99/month or $79.99/year

Apart from these, many applications have already been removed from Google and Apple platforms as they reported suspicious activities if you also installed any application similar to ChatGPT, so you should unsubscribe them and uninstall them and wait for the original ChatGPT coming soon for Android devices.