Samsung’s confidential information accidentally leaked: Factory workers while using ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI. As it is a helpful AI chatbot, Samsung Semiconductor workers have started to use it to patch up source code errors. However, the AI bot has ended up leading to some negative consequences. As per the reports, unknowingly, the AI has leaked Samsung’s confidential information to external sources. Let’s take a look at this complete report.

Let us inform you Samsung Semiconductor workers have used the ChatGPT bot three times in just 20 days. In specific, the workers have used the bot to get quick fixes for internal problems. During its use, a worker has entered the proprietary program’s source code in the bot. Besides it, some other workers also fed many other official and latent information about the South Korean company to the ChatGPT bot.

If you are unaware, a third-party company manages the ChatGPT bot, and it uses many external servers. Because the workers simply entered Samsung’s code, test sequences, and internal meeting contents into the AI bot, the information easily got leaked. Now the major issue is if the information got handed over, there is no undoing it. Overall, the AI bot’s open learning data format lacks security and possesses many risks.

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Informatively, ChatGPT’s generative AI tool is being used by various people. However, if they are planning to continue using the AI tool, they need to find a way to prevent the risk of leaks and plagiarism. Notably, Samsung is also working on its own ChatGPT-like AI tool for internal uses. It would be helpful in the future to get quick help along with securing the company’s latent and confidential information.

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