Google Contact gets new Material You widgets: Samsung Galaxy devices

Nearly all smartphones, including Galaxy, besides iPhones, uses Google’s Android OS in them, so it is obvious that they have Google’s services and applications. As its name suggests, Google Contacts is also a Google service. Let us tell you, Google frequently makes noticeable changes in its interface through its Material You redesign. Now, the Contatcs service has again got two new Material You Widgets. Let’s take a look at them.

Informatively, a few weeks ago, Google brought the Profile Picture options for Contacts which leads you to the contact’s detailed information if you tap on it. Besides, if you make it bigger, you can see Phone and Messaging shortcuts too. Now, in the new version, we will get to see the “Individual Contacts” and “Favorites Contacts” widgets. These new Contact Widgets can be seen on your Galaxy device’s Home Screen.

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Let us tell you in the “Individual Contacts” widgets; you can set any of your contacts as per your choice. In this widget, you can see a bigger round-shaped contact picture. In its lower left, you can see a calling option in a rounded square, and in the upper right corner, a round-shaped message option is located. If we reduce its height, it uses a bar design, which shows Contact Name and Calling and Messaging options side by side.

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Additionally, at different heights, the widget layout gets adjusted according to the size. Not only that, but you can also customize the widget with the help of Dynamic Color theming’s various color shades. The other “Favorites Contacts” widgets are not that widely popular. In this widget, you can show up to 7 stared contacts on the Home Screen. These new Widgets are part of version 4.5.24.x of Google Contacts for Android.

Unfortunately, this version hasn’t reached that many devices yet. Currently, only a few devices have this new update, but the company will soon roll out it for max to max devices. 

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