Samsung expands May 2023 security update for Galaxy S21 FE in more countries

Whenever Samsung brings a new update, it draws the attention of the users. The reason behind this is the company’s activeness because it released a new feature with updates according to the user’s requirements., for instance, in the last security update company released a new image clipper for Galaxy devices.

However, with the May 2023 security update, there is no new innovation spotted; Samsaung has already updated several Galaxy devices, whether it is of the flagship segment or midrange segment. Some Galaxy devices like Galaxy S21 FE are getting new security updates in new countries.

Informatively, Galaxy S21 FE is getting new updates in several countries, including Greece, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, the Caucasus region, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, the UK, and Ukraine. 

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As said earlier, the Galaxy S21 FE is getting a May 2023 security update that brings dozens of security patches that will enhance the overall security of the device and also improve the stability and performance of the device.

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Currently, there are two models available for Galaxy S21 FE with model numbers SM-G990B and SM-G990B2; the update also comes with different firmware version numbers G990BXXS4EWE3 and G990B2XXS3EWE3, respectively.

The Galaxy S21 FE was released back in 2022. And come with Android 12 preinstalled. Later it received the Android 13 update, and it is also expected to get Android 14 last quarter of the year and later after this, it will also get two more Android updates in the coming years.

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