The US state has completely banned TikTok due to security reasons

TikTok is a short video streaming app. It was way popular among youth as it gives the facility to upload videos to everyone. Initially, it has gotten so much popularity that in 2020, it recorded 2 billion mobile downloads, but due to security concerns, it has threats of bans or has already been banned in some countries, including India and Pakistan. Now according to a report, a US state has also banned it.

According to the information, the governor has signed Bill 419, which makes Montana the first US state to ask mobile app stores to remove TikTok within the state, and if they don’t do it, then they will be fined $10000 for each day.

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Apart from these, the governor also proposed changes to the bill to extend the ban to all social media apps that are also involved in circulating users’ private data to foreign countries. The actual effect of the law will come into existence by January 1, 2024.

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It is also being said that TikTok’s owner will soon go to court to overturn the law. The company can use the support of the users who are using the service of TikTok. As per data currently, there are 150 million users in the US, and it is frequently used by many US-based companies for Advertising.

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