Android Auto: How to take a screenshot

Sometimes we have to capture the images of the running screen to share some information with anyone or show bug reports to the company; we use the inbuilt function of Android, i.e., screenshots. Users who own Android smartphones or Tablets can easily take a screenshot with different gestures or combinations of side keys, but for some other Android devices like Android Auto, it’s not easy. You should first activate the option and then take the screenshot by following some steps. Let’s know how to activate the screenshot option.

If you want to take screenshot, so first you need to enable developer option.

How to activate the developer option?

  1. First, connect your Android smartphone to your car with any medium wirelessly or with a cable.
  2. After the connection is established, then go to the Android Auto settings on your smartphone.
  3. For Galaxy users, you have to first tap on settings, then touch the connected devices, and then Android Auto.
  4. Once you reach the Android auto settings menu, scroll down to the bottom of the menu and tap on the Android Auto version ten times.
  5. After this, the screenshot option will be activated.

How to take a screenshot on Android Auto?

  1. Now, if you want to take a screenshot, go to your smartphone’s Android Auto settings menu while the car is parked.
  2. Now tap on the drop drown menu(⋮) in the upper right corner of the screen and select Developer settings.
  3. Click on the new menu and then share screenshot now (share screenshot now) to take current screesho9t of the Android Auto system in the car instantly because there is no option available to save it.

Tip – you can also save the screenshot not in your device’s internal memory but with on-cloud storage with the help of Google Drive. To show, you just have to tap on the Google Drive icon from the sharing app options.

Android Auto 9.6 stable version is now available for all users

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