Android Auto 9.6 stable version is now available for all users

The application doesn’t get much attention because it has not gotten expansions worldwide and is limited to some countries. However, Google is constantly rolling out a new update for the Android Auto. Previously, the application got a beta update; in this update, Google didn’t reveal any innovations or changes. The stable update is also made on the base of it, so it is also similar to it. Let me know more about it.

What’s new in version 9.6 of Android Auto

As said earlier, the update is made on the beta update, so it doesn’t carry any changelog of new features or changes, but we can expect some improvements that will enhance the users’ experience and make the app more compatible with Android devices. Apart from these, the app may include some new internal features, which will be identified after exploring the full app; whenever we get to know about any change will share it with you.


Android smartphone users can easily update the Android Auto app through the Google Play store. Alternatively, you can also update the app via the APK mirror by clicking on this link.

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