Android Auto 9.6 Beta Update Arrived: Check What’s new

The Android Auto development team has recently unveiled the 9.6 beta version of the application. However, uncovering the potential integrated innovations has proven to be a challenge since Google has not yet published an official list of changes. Throughout this period, the team has been diligently working to identify and highlight the notable enhancements brought forth in this latest release.

The latest Android Auto 9.6 beta update: What’s new

Google’s tendency to maintain a certain level of silence regarding the new features introduced in the latest release of Android Auto is not unprecedented. As you may recall, previous versions, particularly the beta releases, often garnered more attention for future updates than the changes integrated into the current release. The same pattern can be observed with version 9.6 beta. It appears that the official changelog has not been updated for this occasion, suggesting that most enhancements are likely focused on the essential “under the hood” functionalities.

Android Auto have some new problems and new features

How to get the latest 9.6 beta of Android Auto

You can now access the Android Auto beta 9.6 updates through the Play Store by clicking on the provided link. If the update isn’t available on your smartphone, you can manually download and install the APK from the provided APK Mirror link.

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