Google Messages update brings more gesture effects, soon available for Galaxy devices

In recent times, Google has made no secret of having big plans for Google Messages, a solution that the Mountain View giant aims to improve to compete with major messaging applications, and one of the upcoming features is the one called swipe feature.

Google Messages is one of the popular messaging apps. With the help of this, you can text offline or online. With some new updates, Google has added more functions which makes it more.

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According to the report, Google Messages is testing a new swipe function that will help to do many tasks like delete, read, or unread messages. They are customizable; you can easily change them by going to the Google Massage settings. This related feature was also available on Gmail previously, however, initially, this was limited to deleting messages, but now it has some new customizable features.

Currently, the new customizable massage swiping feature is available in the beta app, which means that users who are using the latest beta version, v20230512_01_RC00, will get the functionality.

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 However, some users reported that the customizable setting of swiping messages wasn’t available on their app. And others who received it are claiming that it has been removed. Maybe it is reversed by the company to add more things and will be soon available in a further update. 

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