Android Auto have some new problems and new features

Nowadays, Android Auto is popularising as it is treated as the main component of cars; if anyone purchases a new car, it also checks if Android Auto is available in the car or not. The reason behind its popularity is its features, which make your car screen ditto to your smartphone. But being in the initial stage of development company has introduced many features which need to be fixed.

New annoying issues degrading customer experience

A new bug is recently spotted in Android Auto that degrades the music experience on Android Auto. Several users are reporting that whenever they play music with Google Maps, it automatically stops. Further, this problem is not only limited to some specific music apps. The issue is annoying on every music app, whether it’s Spotify or Google’s youtube music.

Samsung Galaxy owners can enjoy WhatsApp calls on Android Auto

To encounter the issue, users have tried many things, like clearing the cache and data of Android Auto, and some users have also reinstalled it. But the bug is not disappeared; it continues to be annoying.

A member of the Android Auto team tooled the support page in January. Users have naked the problem behind the issue, but there has been no information available since then. It may be possible that the team is investigating the main source of the issue; however, there is no information available on this matter.

Additionally, some users reported(Reddit) that Android Auto is stopped working when the ignition is off; in other words, the problem is with continuity; when the car starts the first time, the screen properly works with the app, but after turning off the ignition and connecting the phone again, Android Auto would not load.

Android Auto and Android Automotive support new apps and features

However, in some cases, when we restart the phone, it restores the correct functioning of the Android Auto. The problem has been seen more in pixel devices. 

Wage gets some new features

Waze is a powerful app of Android Auto that gives the facility to navigate. Now, with the new update of Waze v4.94.0.3, some innovations and improvements with bug fixes are getting. The update comes with a significant change for Coolwalk; now, it has the option to switch to the sub-tab in the dashboard. This feature was added to allow users to run other applications on the mainboard. Apart from these, the new Waze update allows the navigation app to switch to the smallest tab. 

The Waze application update v4.94.0.3 for Coolwalk is rolling out gradually, so not all users will get the update immediately. Users can also directly install the update from the standalone APK installer and manually update the app through this link.

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