One UI 5 Watch officially unveils: Check out new features, Beta and eligible Galaxy watches

The Korean tech giant has announced the introduction of its latest operating system for the Galaxy Watch, known as ‘One UI 5 Watch’, along with its key features. The new system offers enhanced sleep management and fitness features aimed at providing users with a better healthcare experience. 

Samsung One UI 5 Watch Beta

Moreover, the system has improved safety features for the users. The beta program for the new operating system will be available for users of the ‘Galaxy Watch 5 Series‘ and ‘Galaxy Watch 4 Series’ through the Samsung Members app in May. 

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After the beta program is complete, Samsung Electronics plans to officially install the ‘One UI 5 Watch’ on the new Galaxy Watch, which is scheduled to be unveiled in the latter half of this year.

One UI 5 Watch New Features

Improved sleep management features

Samsung Electronics has highlighted the importance of understanding personal sleep patterns, developing healthy habits, and creating an optimized sleep environment to help users achieve better sleep. To this end, the company has further improved its sleep management function through the ‘One UI 5 Watch’ operating system.

The Galaxy Watch now offers a range of tips for better sleep, which was previously available only on Galaxy smartphones. These tips include suggestions like avoiding caffeine 6 hours before bedtime and getting sunlight in the morning. Moreover, the ‘User Interface’ has been improved for better usability, displaying the user’s sleep score at the top of the screen. This allows users to quickly check their sleep time and quality from the previous night at a glance.

Personalized fitness features

The ‘One UI 5 Watch’ offers a customized workout guide that takes into account the user’s heart rate range. Using the Galaxy Watch, the user can measure their ‘cardipower’, an individual’s cardiovascular fitness level. When the user runs for at least 10 minutes, the system sets their maximum oxygen intake (VO2max) and establishes personalized heart rate intervals for cardio and anaerobic exercises.

Enhanced safety function

The emergency SOS function has also been improved. In an emergency, a feature has been added that will be connected to an emergency number, such as 119, if a user presses the home button on the Galaxy Watch five times in a row and confirms whether to connect to the phone.

In addition, when a rescue request is made to an emergency number, such as 119, a button is provided on the Galaxy Watch screen that provides direct access to the user’s medical information. In order to provide information, the user must register their medical information in advance.

“Samsung Electronics is striving to provide an integrated health experience so that users can achieve their health goals, and we are looking at the start as a good night’s sleep,” said Hon Pak, managing director of the digital health team at Samsung Electronics’ MX division. “We expect to help Galaxy Watch users improve their sleep quality through the new One UI 5 Watch operating system and enjoy a healthy and vibrant daily life.”

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