Galaxy Watch 5 will get more features thanks to temperature sensor

Samsung introduced its smartwatch, Galaxy Watch 5, last year; it features a super AMOLED screen and is equipped with various sensors, including Accelerometer, gyro, heart rate, barometer, thermometer, and many more. Apart from these, Samsung has added many features which are only possible through its One UI skin which is based on Wear OS. It gives full access to add new functions through new software updates.

Just a few days ago, we saw Samsung release an update for the smartwatches of the Galaxy Watch5 series; the update in question introduced the possibility of monitoring the menstrual cycle based on the detections of the temperature sensor; it is the first function introduced by the company on the smartwatches in question that takes advantage of the sensor for temperature detection, so far never used.

According to the official Samsung heath in charge, it is confirmed that Galaxy Watch 5 will soon get new features that use the temperature sensor through new software updates; however, it has yet to be clear when the new update will be available. Apart from these, there is no information revealed by the moderator. Samsung Health Service said: “The upgrade schedule will be decided in consideration of service policies, etc., so we ask for your understanding because it is difficult to provide accurate information about”

There is no manual control available for checking skin temperature. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro have an in-built temperature sensor that works on an infrared algorithm, but Samsung hasn’t given any option to use it manually. This makes it utilizable; however, the recently added feature of menstrual feature works on this sensor, but it works automatically as the company sets the algorithm based on health criteria. But it is possible that a new update may bring this functionality, so let’s hope and keep our fingers crossed and wait.

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